City multi Y series makes use of a two pipe refrigerant circuit throughout, with the choice of either Branch Pipe or Header Pipe feeds to indoor units, with manual changeover from cooling to heating to ensure that a constant indoor climate is maintained.

The City Multi range is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to large-scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications. The efficiency of City Multi (in particular the new R410A YHM-A Series models) is second to none and offers a substantial increase in energy efficiency and corresponding EER/COP ratings.


High energy efficiency
  • A highly efficient R410A scroll compressor design results in less friction losses at the motor.
  • A simplified refrigerant circuit (low-pressure loss) including new accumulator design adds a few more points to the efficiency scale.
  • Enhancements to the heat interchange circuit, an inverter driven fan motor and a heat exchanger design using a new N Groove System improves the overall system efficiency and COPs.
Reduced noise levels

Developments in fan blade shape and weight have managed to achieve and even higher performance and lower noise levels.


The City Multi system provides a modular approach to air conditioning requirements – providing an ideal solution for new build, refurbishment projects and phased installations.

The wide range of indoor units include ducted, ceiling cassettes, wall mounted, ceiling suspended and floor mounted.


Highly intelligent

The City Multi series can be remotely controlled and monitored through MELANS, Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Network Solution. This system allows access via a LAN connection and alterations to operation times and temperatures can be made.

PUHY-EP YHM-A – 22.4 kW – 33.5 kW


PUHY-EP YSHM-A – 45 kW – 101 kW


PUHY-P-YHM-A – 22.4 kW – 50 kW


Indoor Capacity: 50-130%
Indoor Models: P15 to P250 / 1.7 kW to 28 kW
HP se koristi za identifikaciju unutrašnjih jedinica.

PUHY-P-YSHM-A – 56 kW – 140.0 kW


Indoor Capacity: 50-130%
Indoor Models: P15 to P250 / 1.7 kW to 28 kW

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