Ceiling cassette 2-Way Flow

The compact height (290 mm) and built in drain lift-up mechanism make this unit ideal for low and narrow ceiling spaces.

Built in drain water lift-up mechanism

The drain can be positioned anywhere up to 583 mm from the ceiling’s surface, providing greater freedom with long cross-piping and allowing more versatility with piping layouts. 290 mm high and slimline body – ideal in narrow ceiling spaces .

The slimline body is highly suitable for installation in narrow ceiling spaces and for replacing obsolete air conditioning equipment in older buildings. The height of the main unit is only 290 mm.

Fresh air duct facility

Fresh air can be taken in to the main unit directly (optional accessories needed).

Long life filter equipped as standard

The antibacterial long-life filter does not require maintenance for approximately a year.

Noise level (Standard static pressure) at 15Pa. (dB(A), 220V,240V)

Author: belit-biljana