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ALP System is based on the use of sandwich panels made of polyurethane (PUR) hard foam lined with flat or embossed aluminum foil. Therefore, the flow of air through these ducts takes place in complete silence, without any deviations in temperature, humidity and cleanliness levels.

ALP System pre-insulated HVAC ducts can be used for any purpose, ensuring excellent results, and with it also easy to make and assemble.

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ALP System appliance:

  • Industrial building
  • Food industry
  • Hospitals & operation theatres
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Clean rooms
  • Public & entertainment buildings
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Residential buildings

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Download catalogue

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ALP catalogue

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Energy saving

ALP System pre-insulated HVAC ducts guarantee energy savings of 85.32% – as other insulation materials simply can not achieve.

Can be painted

ALP System pre-insulated HVAC ducts can be painted to fit in any environment / design, which is especially welcome if they must be completely visible.

Light but strong

Environmentally friendly

ALP System pre-insulated HVAC ducts do not contain CFC and fulfill stringent European and international environmental standards.

Hygienic and easy for service

ALP System pre-insulated HVAC ducts can be completely washed to the outside and inside, making them completely hygienic.

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